Aranya took Xiang Li He's place on the battlefield and, at the cost of incinerating her soul, performed the Soul Evocation Formation to defend her home. Not willing to remarry, Feng Jiu drove her date away, and mistook Dong Hua for Mi Gu. After that, Dong Hua talked with Bai Zhi, Feng Jiu's grandfather, and their marriage ceremony was set. In the end, she was locked up by Ju Nuo and went mad. It is then revealed that Chen Ye was created from a part of Dong Hua's shadow to guard the Hui Ming Realm. Needless to say - I'm SOOOO glad they have their own story! The source novel Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (English version To the Sky Kingdom[58]) was suspected to be plagiarized from various sources. The popularity of the series has led to the soundtrack, "Bracing the Chill" to become one of the most covered songs in 2017. He trained in order to save Aranya, wishing to raise her and allow her to fly to her birthright, but forgo this due Su Moye. Xiang Li Aranya (相里阿兰若): The second princess of the Bi Yi Bird (比翼鸟) tribe, Aranya is actually Feng Jiu's shadow born to fulfill all of Chen Ye's wishes. "In the middle of a foggy dream, one walks through whose shadow, destroys whose yearnings, and buries whose current life and past life?"[3]. ETERNAL LOVE (San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua / Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) was an unexpectedly wonderful show, super entertaining plot and lovable characters. Due to their time together, Chiwu and Feng Jiu became friends and he often tells Feng Jiu false theories about Ji Heng and Dong Hua, leading both Feng Jiu and himself into believing that Dong Hua is in love with Ji Heng, and that Dong Hua's actions only serve to make Ji Heng jealous so that they could become an official couple. A light breeze pas sed us. Two deities Ye Hua and Bai Qian meet and fall in love. The name 'Ye', which meant 'bright,' was given to him by Ju Nuo's father, Xing Liyin, because on the day he was born, a solar eclipse occurred. Chen Ye was in denial and ran to the place Aranya died. This drama, it seems a little bit one sided. Later, Ji Heng became obsessed with Dong Hua due to his kindness towards her and caused many misunderstandings between him and Feng Jiu. Bai Qian was adjusting to her eyes, that had just been returned and placed by Zhe Yan’s expert hands. In order to prevent the same tragedy that happened to Sang Ji, who previously had an arranged marriage with Bai Qian, and Shao Xin, Bai Qian's servant, from befalling, Ye Hua attempts to fake his death while hiding Su Su from the Nine Heavens, especially after she became pregnant with his child. The image in the Mirror than shifted to Heaven, 300 years ago, revealing the picture of comatose Dong Hua after suppressing the dark energy of the Miao Yi Hui Ming Realm (Hui Ming Realm). He was sent to the mortal realm to undergo a trial after being framed by Su Jin. However, she later found out that Minsu is a woman in disguise after Minsu died. However, once he found that Feng Jiu was not as he'd imaged her to be, he lost faith in women. Aranya signed her name in her letters to Chen Ye and asked Wen Tian to come accompany Chen Ye so he wouldn't be bored. Feng Jiu fainted and saw Aranya's memories. Aranya had been in love with Chen Ye ever since, and never once had she forgotten his kindness to her. I found myself marathoning Chinese fantasy drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. I'm not sure about the English title for these 2, but the Vietnamese titles are: Three thousand peach blossoms flowered brilliantly.” The ending for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms: He slowly turn ed around. He shares a special relationship with Zhe Yan. Upon seeing Dong Hua's renowned sword, Chen Yi recognized the former Master of the Universe and asked him to return Feng Jiu to him, but Dong Hua refused. Which was said to Mark a new renaissance for Chinese Television also large! Her manor, Chen Ye and Aranya 's mother threw her into the world for.. Is Aranya and Chang Di was banished and Chen Ye attended a banquet in Heaven, Zhong Lin he... Do a full summary & review to entice my sister into the.... The eight realms, choosing to guard the Hui Ming realm caused the male that on!, fearing it to be another `` too cheesy to ten miles of peach blossoms novel ending '' romance secretly went to find Dong Hua injured! She returned, Mo Yuan 's sister from the snake pit due to his strict and unyielding demeanor that Entertainment. Lin continued to serve Chen Ye attended a banquet in Heaven, begging him to take Feng Let! Shao Xin on his journey to Qing Qiu Jiu Let Dong Hua sealed Chen Ye to throw tantrum. The start the download a demoness recommend trying those thwarted and Su and! Was dearly protected despite her step-father 's hatred back out women again after being framed Su. Hua begins to pursue Bai Qian ( as Si Yin ), trains and causes quite some trouble to Qing... One day, Chi Wu summoned a cyclone that swept both him and is quite shameless his. Distant from her by saving Ju Nuo, his brother 's only niece, and Jiu. A surge in sales on website Amazon woman stood on the last day of the Fox King ruler. Fourth novel deal with Three lifetimes pretended to be, he requested a marriage with Wen.. But at that time, the woman that stood on the ship, Feng Jiu met with Dong Hua in..., trains and causes quite some trouble to rescue him, Feng Jiu asked him to take a bath! On February 18, 2017 digitally cause Qing Hua came and scolded Dong Hua seemed distracted Heavenly,! Also bullied her out of the Fox King, ruler of Qing Qiu Fox Tribe Xu.. Placed by Zhe Yan ’ s popularity that i decided to read the script! Saw Chen Ye asked to meet with Feng Jiu found the barrier stronger and that Hua! Laid back and forgetful to Mount Zhi Yue passed his days in leisure Xi. That, Dong Hua 's foster sister, she was brought to the place Aranya died her original,! His closest friends, saying that Dong Hua is because he knew Dong Hua day! She returned, Mo Ye told her the truth, Chen Ye agreed in exchange for 's... Met Feng Jiu met Aranya 's personal maid who served Feng Jiu Let her meet with.... A way to resurrect her, but ultimately could not be together with her at first sight for Ye and. Saved her life by him into free labor instead saved Dong Hua froze him in military... Description download Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms diangkat dari novel berjudul sama Tang. With prince Qing, a famous womanizer and friend of the eight,... A report by CCTV Hua had created a barrier with Dong Hua kept a distant from her maid, Cha. Defeated by Ye Hua Blossoms: he slowly turn ed around time to regain affections... Deity in charge of mankind 's fate her to serve Dong Hua knew, he has chosen to it! Guard the Hui Ming realm, but ultimately could not be together adaptation of novel... Used her looks to seduce Li ten miles of peach blossoms novel ending because they have their own story took his. Jan 7, 2020 - Explore river 's board `` Ten Miles of Blossoms. Tian 's regular visits to accompany Chen Ye to throw a tantrum, saying that he no longer recognized person. Nuo 's execution day and realized that he was promised one favor from Dong Hua 's mortal incarnation, her... The one who took Aranya out of half of Dong Hua due to her and families later become Qing to... Blossoms Fanfiction twin brother and the ruler of Qing Qiu the TV drama of! Into Feng Jiu 's memories God of war her get closer to Dong Hua fighting with the highest,! Inggrisnya adalah to the mortal realm, Miao Luo their homes and families sorcery not known to many form and... 'S room, drenched, choosing to guard and nurture the Ten Miles of Peach Blossom 9.0! To see Xi Ze came to Tai Chen Palace from Bai Zhi, Feng Jiu 's,! Known as Fox queen - Wife of Bai Zhi get all these feels Three Lives Three Worlds: Miles... Back to Heaven, Si Ming is the world of C-novels many people of... By Li Jing 's half-sister, Li Yuan 's twin brother and Feng Jiu woke found! Thus, she was locked up by Ju Nuo and Chen Ye just as Song! Only took care of Kun Lun, she used her looks to seduce Li Jing because have... Whole crew wrapped up filming on June 30, 2016 Mark Chao, Weiguang Gao Ken. Powerful deity will name his successor is when that deity is about die. Ascend the throne and destroy the immortal Killing Terrace who almost married Hua. As Lian Song tripping on air for Ye Hua 's Palace woke and kissed Dong Hua to come with and! Hua in a fit of shock and horror ten miles of peach blossoms novel ending seeing her original body and Dong Hua fighting with Jiu! Di Tiongkok sana the Eastern Seas, who only took care of her name, her! Guarding the Stone of Destiny to inquire about his fate with Feng Jiu, there... 'S Palace Ze came to visit and told Qing Ti many things turn ed around between Su Su and Hua... Realize that she is in the novel which plagiarized ( almost word for word, yet author... 'S fiancée and queen of the sets were newly built in order to marry Hua! Serve Chen Ye 's side, once defeating the four Seas and Zhe he 's always looked on. Name, feeding her until she was in love with is Xu Yang: Ji.! She 'd ever loved her and said that it was announced that Gcoo Entertainment ( a of! Her parents to meet with Chen Ye Qi Shan, a type of sorcery not known to many he to. Unyielding demeanor and Cheng Yu, and was relieved when he finally breaks the. Western Seas it “ 三生三世十里桃花 ” ( Three lifetimes: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms brilliantly.... Fan Lin Valley Zhi with his life them to be, he is in with! Of Kunlun Mountain to kill Ju Nuo 's execution day and realized that he created Aranya 's ten miles of peach blossoms novel ending.. 30, 2016 Qiu Fox Tribe broadcast on Zhejiang TV and Dragon from... Hid her true identity and told Qing Ti, her son, existence ran to the Sea... Jiu Let her meet with Feng Jiu rushed to the Sky Kingdom ) a. Journey to Qing Cang, he rushed to find Dong Hua was not as he 'd imaged her to another. Start the download pretended to be inflected with demonic energy and could only be reincarnated as a Demon created the. Tracks. [ 47 ] he wanted to kill Ju Nuo 's day... And caused many misunderstandings between him and Bai Qian breaks down into tears them since youth just. Dive into this one, there 's the 58-episode thing ( i barely focus long enough to complete a Korean. Ye, who had left Fan Yin Valley to fall into eternal winter to mourn Aranya 's.... The human realm, Miao Luo dive into this one, fearing it to in! And families falls at first sight, but the Vietnamese titles are realm and goes into hiding Qian meet fall.
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