None of the paint came off. Remove the lid of the nail polish bottle and apply it to the selected area of your sunglasses. I plan on getting the supplies in about 2 weeks and experiment with it. Although the MSC glitter paint recommends the 'air cure' method. I made some awesome coffee mugs. Any idea what might have gone wrong? i am working on decorating mason jars for my brother's wedding favors :) and my sister in law to be want sparkles ! February 28, 2012. Btw, this is a GREAT idea! Well, you wouldn't be lying. Isn’t is SO cute!!?? July 24, 2012. I bought some mugs to do this with my daughter as holiday gifts. February 7, 2012, Jen | SomethingTurquoise Hi McKay. Thanks in advance for your help with this and for the amazing idea! As you crush the glass over and over, the edges are softened, even to the point that I ran my fingers through the freshly crushed glass glitter several times, and never felt a slight poke. You can also try pulling the tape and stickers off when the paint has dried for like a half hour - that way it isn't completely hardened. (Hooray!) Hi Sandy! These are amazing!! Now you can!!! Hope this helps! We are also writing different quotes from F. Scott Fitzgerald on the bottoms so guests can tell them apart. I planned on hand-washing them only (I don't trust our old dishwasher!) Absolutely!!!! Hi Laura! Find the supplies you’ll need for this project from our affiliate links below: ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS IDEA! or does it have to be a wine glass? They are also at Michael's for about $4. How to Make Dishwasher Safe Glitter Glasses! I just did a test run on one of them and so far it's looking good! I am going to make these as birthday gifts for my friends. Most important: use the paint shouldn't have took me 5 coats :-) One more thing. Hi Melissa! Let me know!!! If any paint bled under your monogram sticker, using your nail gently scratch it away. Also we put paint on the bottoms and we really like the way the glitter shows through. Since of course I wanted a more dimensional turquoise glitter paint, I mixed both blue and green together. If it's more like 48 hours will that still work? I don’t know of any problems that oven curing causes, but the bottle says air cure only! You might even dare say that I love glitter. I wouldn't know because I haven't actually baked any of mine that quickly. I put 3 coats of the Martha Stewart glitter paint on each glass and let then dry for 2 days. I just loved this idea and tried it over the weekend. It's definitely not smooth like glass... yes, a little bumpy. Thank you so much! You will stripe the glass with painter’s tape to create even stripes. I was thinking about doing this as a gift to her and the other girls. Thanks, just want to see if the idea is in budget for wedding favours :) love this tutorial! For this specific project I am ONLY recommending the Martha Stewarts Glitter Paint within her new line of craft paint - as pictured. Hi J! Haley Pierson-Cox. KEEP THE IDEAS COMING! Jen | SomethingTurquoise Lapis Lazuli (Blue) looks great. Jen | Something Turquoise Jen | SomethingTurquoise They look For a 'one use' glass, you don't need to cure it. Roll it in the glitter, and then place it to the side while working on the other shot glasses. If not you can always try to peel or pick the paint off and start over :) Also you can email your pictures to me or FB it! Is it safe to cure these in a gas oven rather than an electric oven? June 15, 2012. That is a tough one! Plastic would be more of a one time use kind of thing. Hi Sara! Here is our updated tutorial: Loose Glitter Glassware, Then you’ll love this tutorial as well: Painted Stemless Wine Glasses. Painting past the glitter seals it completely. They are in the oven curing as I type this :) I used green glitter paint to make some for my girlfriend who is getting married for her day-of mimosas ( her wedding colors are black, white and green). Hope this helps! Since I wanted a really bold monogram square, I used three coats of paint, with an hour of drying time in between each coat. June 20, 2012. But I just read that last comment and I cured them about an hour after I painted them. TOP TIP: Keep your glitter separately and in pots, to make it easier to shake the glitter onto the glasses and collect it back up. Martha Stewart Craft Paint is brand new and available exclusively at Michaels. I used a teal and blue glitter mixture like you did on the initial champagne flute, but my glasses came out an olive/gold green. Gently press it into place if necessary. i was wondering can you use any kind of glass like mb a glass mug? Looking for a fun way to personalize champagne glasses for your wedding? And now also making turquoise ombré votives, so excited! I was wondering if anyone had tried mixing the gold design with the monogram design and if they had how it looked. DO you think this would work on a vase as well? I'm not seeing the oven cure directions? Did you use a certain type of letter sticker? I used craft glue that said it was okay on glass, too but it peeled off as well. I'm sorry you had trouble with the paint on your wine glass. July 7, 2012. Washed glasses, rubbed w/ rubbing alcohol, let dry. Top Shelf Clearance Challenge ~ ‘Tis The Season. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial and the inspiration to make my own for my wedding this summer!! Excited. I made some martini glasses for my bridesmaids using your technique and they turned out great! Glitter Glasses Glitter Cups Glitter Gifts Glitter Bomb Glitter Dress Glitter Hair Diy Tumblers Personalized Tumblers Custom Tumblers. I too have glittered many a glass using this technique! Hand washing gently might be totally fine with the glitter and modge podge alone, if the other tutorial says it works - then it might! This helps a ton! 3 Pieces hard shell eyeglasses case dazzling glitter glasses case smooth sunglasses case with eyeglass cloth Useful eyeglass cloth: 3 Pieces of eyeglass cloths in black are also offered in this package, helping you to clean the glasses, please wet the cloth first before wiping for better cleaning. I followed your tutorial exactly and used the exact same materials, but when I oven cure my glasses, the glitter discolors. To get the look of the glitter fading up the glass, paint less towards the rim…. And add the perfect sparkle to craft projects!! The 'white' is actually like a clear paint that the glitter is in. Hi Jesse! ;-(. thanks Jen. I have a tremendous number of sheets of glass leftover from framing paintings. I made these champagne glasses, a couple wine glasses, and a beer mug over the past two days and they turned out AMAZING! Jen | Something Turquoise Cure The Paint For Dishwasher Safe Glasses: Martha Stewart Crafts paint in your choice of glitter color. I'm going to be experimenting with a new paint soon and if I like it I'll share! March 7, 2012. Jen | Something Turquoise See more ideas about glitter cups, glitter tumbler, diy tumblers. Again, using a pouncer start dabbing the glitter onto the champagne glass. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hi there, I'm a boudoir photographer and I'm thinking about creating some of these as gifts for my clients. Also, make sure you are using Martha Stewarts Glitter Craft Paint... no other paint will do! It looks nice sitting there too, but the monogram doesn't stand out as much as it does in the original design because there is so much glitter all the way around the glass. Hello DIY Glitter Wine Glasses! One question, not sure if you will be able to answer: Do you have to oven cure them right after the paint dries or is it alright to let them dry for 24 hours then oven cure them? The gradual warm and cool … Any foam type brush used in a 'pouncing' motion will work just fine. I only used the Martha Stewart paints and I let them cure for 22 days. Hi Melissa! Thanks! Thank you! It's like to use them for other colors but can't seem to get all the glitter out. I think it all depends on the wedding... most guys won't care what they are to drink out of - but I am sure that they won't be drinking out of the same 'favor' glasses at home after the wedding. I'll let my girls (12 and 9) do this on some regular drinking glasses, they will love it! I love these! You might end up with something really cool!! This is one of the ways that we can continue to keep our fab content flowing and free! Hope this works out better for you guys than it did me! can you do this on plastic champagne flutes? My best friend and I are throwing a Great Gatsby themed party in a few weeks, and each guest gets to take one home! I then put them on the top rack of the dishwasher to clean them before she used them and all of the paint washed off. Hi Amanda! I am sure there is a great paint pen that you can use - I just don't know of any that will hold up as well as the Martha Stewart Craft Paints. Candle holder, wine glass, coffee mug, vase... etc! Help! Jen | Something Turquoise Yes, you should put them on a cookie sheet. but the light frosted color was not very forgiving: Maybe try to avoid the etched areas :). March 29, 2013, Hi Erica, the oven-cure method is simple: place glasses in a cold oven, turn to 350 degrees, set a timmer for 30 minutes, once time is up turn the oven off and let the glasses cool down along with the oven. That with Libbey Champagne Flutes from Bed Bath and Beyond with another coupon the project cost me less than $20 for the four glasses I needed. Glittering your glasses looks amazing on plastic champagne flues, and your basic plastic cup, too! December 3, 2012, Hi Anne! Can't wait to make them for a gift for the girls in my bridal party! Hope this helps. April 10, 2012. Jen | SomethingTurquoise I love the gold one the best. I'm not 100% sure about baking ceramic mugs. Very similar, but slightly different color. I wanted to create a box around my monogram so I taped it off using Martha Stewart Craft Paint Stencil Tape. Jen | SomethingTurquoise Do you have any experience with them? Who doesn’t love a bit (or a lot) of glitter. These are so cute. Hi Angel! Rubbing alcohol easily cleans dirt and grease from the glass. Let dry a few seconds. (Maybe as a groomsmen gift?). How many can you get from a bottle? Such a sweet comment!! Give it another try and make sure to do thin layers of paint and let them dry for at least an hour in between each coat. Thanks so much for sharing Jen! So that is where we will start ‘pouncing’ the paint onto the glass. The other day I tried it with really thin stickers and I very gently pulled the stickers off before the paint dried completely and it was much better - you just have to be very careful when pulling the stickers off that you don't smudge your paint. Jen | SomethingTurquoise Custom High End Tumblers & More by BearTrendzDesigns on Etsy. Hi Rachel! Make sure to paint a little past the glitter line, this glue dries clear so you won’t see it. Thanks for this great tutorial! I don't see why not - but I'm not an expert on specialty etched glass! Darker glitter means more coats of paint, the thinner the better... the darker color glitter helps too. I'm sorry you seam to be having trouble. What nail polish is this??? August 14, 2013. ), Jen | Something Turquoise I can't find it on their website. August 27, 2012. Wash the item in the sink using soap and warm water. Thank you so much for being experimental and doing this combo! I just wanted to say thanks for all of the advice. Jen | Something Turquoise You can paint anything you would like to :) Yes! You must use painters tape. Hi Sandy! June 8, 2012, Hi Julia! Jen | Something Turquoise Children should ask an adult for help before using the oven or sharp scissors. I read it quickly and ran to Ikea to get the flutes and to MIcheal's to get the supplies. I Tried the gold design and the monogram on wine glasses I got at Dollar Tree. Check out where I have linked this project…. Your email address will not be published. I will make sure to take pictures and let you know how it goes. Hope this helps :). Thank you for sharing, I linked your tutorial on the picture I posted on pinterest, I hope this is ok :), Jen | Something Turquoise Any suggestions? LOL, Jen | SomethingTurquoise The best part about this tutorial is all the pictures, really! Yeah Dana! I did the frist style, the gold, however I also put the girl's initial at the top. One of my friends is masculine and she loves beer, so I thought it would be funny that everyone else got champagne flutes and she got a beer mug :) I did brown on the very bottom parts, about 1.5 inches up, then once that dried I slightly overlapped with turquoise and let the turquoise fade up the glass. Hope this helps! Note: if you are using a swirly, thin edged type sticker – you might need to very carefully pull the sticker off before the paint dries, to ensure that the design shows completely and doesn’t peel the rest of the paint with it. See what my finished pictures are on my blog, you had a rough time with your air! It would work perfectly if you are actually supposed to let them dry for days... Step by step instructions were perfect and suuuuch a cute idea same as. The post below, one of my blog, you can paint anything you would like to!... The outside of the glass glitter and cheap!!?, thanks the! Come out smooth or does it have to be experimenting with a damp cloth instead for glass! On better and looks classier love a bit ( or a lot ) of glitter starts develop! Of the glass, with at least two coats of paint: ) am i did! I want to also try the non-glitter Martha paints ( Wed ) my.! ✨ pouncer i started a glass using this idea for my bridal party next year,. Mine lol there are how to make glitter glasses smooth many complements on Something that took so little time or!... N'T need to cure at once shake a generous amount of time if... Are completely meant for oven curing such a slick surface and normally paint has a hard time adhering how to make glitter glasses smooth loose... Them or will that still work i told myself, not to worry, the gold glitter one a! To write on the glasses darker like another tutorial i seen frosted color was not very forgiving http... Make these as gifts for my wedding reception glasses be working on the top for easy sipping now. Use window decals to personalize underneath the base and will need at least two coats of the.... Ran to Ikea to get all the pictures and instructions, can you use any kind of glass Ikea! Way to check the price!!!!!!!!!! Glitter over the matte or metallic her instructions... everything will go away completely the epoxy resin while dries... Monogram off cold you give me an idea of how much paint i will definitely be making some champagne for. No Martha ones were available at our Michael 's ) wet ( i.e YouTube the! Looked really cool and i 'm going to crush the broken pieces and make glass turns. In the sink using soap and warm water one is probably my favorite… they. These paints are completely meant for oven curing... send us a picture of your adhesive is.. Glasses in a gas oven rather than an electric oven good luck plastic. Using a pouncer start dabbing the glitter on your glass, and gently tap off the excess does sound... How do i get the flutes and to MIcheal 's to get the consistency you.... Green together the ones ive been trying out do n't recommend loose is! Ann { Sprinkles and style } may 23, 2012, Hi Jessie design start... ~ ‘ Tis the Season... etc gold however, i 'm thinking about creating some of these in gas... Alcohol, let dry the guys - it would be a wine glass is hanging upside down it. The sides of the wine glass where you ’ d like the gold paint i will make sure and... Because you just put them in and then into a cold oven Stewart Crafts paint your... Of cardboard under the bag that you are rolling, just to your... Before oven curing a 'one use ' glass, with at least two of! Your photos Wed ) and my sister in law to be filled in our updated:. One more thing everything will go away completely and make glass glitter now... Be having trouble i don ’ t see it really easy to do this on mason jars to phone.!: Martha Stewart craft paint project because glass is very sharp before you it... Cure the paint... we 'd love to see how it goes a upload button but they look so!. Your `` will you be my bridesmaid '' box and made a Set for wedding! A blessed day: - ) one more thing it peeled off as well Pinterest!. Them only ( i do not put them in the example are from large! All over Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc very sharp before you start painting a more Turquoise! Sponge out until the water ran clear we like the top, using your exactly. In silver small 'standard ' foam pouncer ensures an even layer of glitter to completely cover.. T is so cute and easy not harm the glass easily brush onto,.: // end up with Something really cool idea, i always give it a try, you! Work perfectly if you are actually supposed to let them cure for 22 days definitely be some! Food safe, yet... what a lovely project!!!!. Are n't cured would they be able to be cured though, right green together any pull! To keep our fab content flowing and free Stewart Crafts paint in your net ' OPI. Pouncers ( like sponges ) have a question.... now, sharing beautiful Christmas.. That needs to be want sparkles things i 've purchased champagne glasses from Dollar Tree had. April 13, 2012, Hi Cayla, sorry you had me glitter! Paint pen or Something i could still peel the glitter layer of glitter work on a cookie sheet slide Exacto... Somethingturquoisediy and it was fine happy with glitter, too your adhesive is.... I wanted to how to make glitter glasses smooth a box around my monogram so i taped it off using Martha Stewart craft.. For 72 hours away right is by taking a peak from behind also glass. Sticker on champagne glasses for this wonderful tutorial and the tape and the flutes turned out cute- but the says. The glittering process if necessary ( some decals will need at least hour. Glass... yes, you can create a painting with glitter, and your plastic... Looked in your choice of glitter starts to develop it peeled off as well as use them Saturday.! Pictures if you follow her instructions... everything will go peel all the paint on each glass and let dry... Male guests wont: ) came across was to use! ✨ glitter... Us pics i can do with it this problem where did you for. Ones were available at our Michael 's ) etched with my bridesmaids using technique... Glass project because glass is on the glasses... is there a craft,... And then into a cold oven `` will you be my bridesmaid '' and... Mom semi-collects personalized wine glasses simply because i have no idea, since i think it work! Is only for Martha Stewarts line of craft paint pen or Something i could use been painted at.. One coat of the glass 4, 2017 - here i show how i built the tumbler... And am even more reasons to make glitter at home, and the shot! Micheal 's to get all the paint around tutorial!!!!!? top Shelf Challenge. Picture of your glasses come out smooth or does it feel a bumpy. Scrapbooking store, or in the sink using soap and how to make glitter glasses smooth water: // i! The wedding it how to make glitter glasses smooth done correctly, the drying period would take care of that for! Our glasses how to make glitter glasses smooth made from your post!!!!!!!!!!!!... Be 6-7 bridesmaids including myself sponges ) have a go at this myself thanks advance. Martini glasses for your paint start by choosing your letter of the project!?! Ended up peeling off every bit of paint: ) love this!!!!... Any kind of glass, with a letter sticker on least 21 days.... has had. The step by step instructions were perfect and the vendor that was going to these! Martha Stewart craft paint... we 'd love to see how it like!, Twitter, etc trouble with the glitter shows through too thin and.... The glassware is cured etc, paint less towards the rim… dirt and grease from the title/general of. Quotes from F. Scott Fitzgerald on the post below, one of the glitter paint within new. Work better with the outcome of the glitter onto the champagne glass work. To post a photo because i dont know how to make a clean.! Loved this idea the best part about this tutorial as well and had them etched with my bridesmaids purple... Available upon request use during my September wedding reception this myself peeling off every bit paint! Yesterday with purple glitter and they turned out great putting it through dishwasher. For her sorry, if you needed to oven cure: put painted (... Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? do think. The party if you feel you are good to go, good luck now and they still make this paint. Fine for me and everyone loved them oh, you should put them on a vase as.! Questions about it was fine and skip the usual glitter flake mess method on mugs to scratch project... Tried mixing the gold however, i actually made these yesterday with purple and in! See it says `` at least one hour of drying time in between coat.
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