Feel free to ask questions, and I’ll answer them . No = you have yourself a diamond. I’m all for saving money, but neither their site nor yours suggests a difference in quality from one stone to another. Also, this means I get to do what many guys enjoy doing: That’s right, I’m going to be cutting, smashing, burning and conducting my shop tests goldmith shop style on a real diamond and a real moissanite. Gerry: No grading required Rep: Would you like the number to Charles & Colvard? In 2006, Hollywood shed some light on the concerning reality that occurs daily in the diamond trade. If you’re looking for a cut that maximizes the brilliance & fire of moissanite, go for the regular Forever One. Hi! They’re promoted as hand-cut, flawless and made using the finest moissanite rough available. To the majority however, like regular sales people in the jewelry stores, they could not point out a moissanite to save their job. That of course shattered. Diamond on the market will always fetch a greater premium than moissanite in my opinion, lab grown or not. I’ve never been one to take the word of science as the be all and end all. I personally don’t foresee the tension setting being an issue as I’ve set many moissanite stones into settings that required a lot of pressure to lock them in place. My guess is that you’ll pick the oval. If you haven’t yet seen the movie ‘Blood Diamond’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou, I highly recommend it. Forever One Moissanite will stay clear and colorless for a lifetime. Forever One Colorless is still leading the way in my books so far. How would you compare a forever brilliant moissanite with Amora gem? I haven’t seen any moissanite so far this year but was told they usually have a lot of it. Do you want more sparkle (regular Forever One) or a little less sparkle and more diamond like proportions (Hearts & Arrows)? When will you post the review comparing the Forever One and the Hearts & Arrows version? Let me know how else I can be of assistance. The more expensive the item, generally, the lower the markup and the less you are likely to loose on your ‘investment’ should you ever need to get money for it. In other shapes, where Forever One isn’t yet available, I would say to jump on SuperNova or NEO. Yes = surface is not diamond. I couldn’t help but notice this greenish, grayish, yellowish hue that was being emitted from the stone. I can not compare the two. Video – 20,000 rpm – Can I Cut a Diamond in Half with SiC (aka moissanite), Test #3 – Smashing a Moissanite with My Hammer, Test #4 – Smashing a Diamond with My Hammer, Test #5 Let’s Burn These Sparkling Gems with the Torch , https://gerrythejeweler.com/round-cut-forever-one/, https://gerrythejeweler.com/collection/loose-moissanite/, https://gerrythejeweler.com/gtj3605-fo-w/, https://gerrythejeweler.com/gtj3604-fo-w/, https://www.instagram.com/gerrythejeweler/, https://gerrythejeweler.com/gtj3604-fo-w2/, https://gerrythejeweler.com/pear-shaped-forever-one-moissanite/. I’ll be doing this very soon! The larger Forever Brilliant moissanite are known to show more of a yellow hue in the larger stones, this is not an issue with Forever One moissanite. Having just checked out the Ross-Simons website, there is no mention of what brand of moissanite they are selling nor are there references to the color grade of the moissanite. That hasn’t been my experience at all. What are your thoughts? I came here already well informed regarding the moissanite, but here I learned some more. Both stones look very nice in their own right. Loose Forever One Radiant Cut Moissanite is now available. Gerry: what is Moissanite Fire equal/compared to? Diamonds will always be a finite resource, where any lab-created product can be produced as the market sees fit – supply can be easily controlled. Now, however, it has become disillusioned with the system. That said, I’ve only seen Forever One in the asscher and it’s the only asscher that I’ve sold thus far. Some people like that look, some don’t. Have fun, good luck and happy testing man. Would you opt for moissanite instead of a diamond? Not DEF color as promoted by Harro Gem mind you, but stones were acceptable for what we needed to accomplish in order to match a GH Color Center stone in a custom ring. I really wish that companies would shoot loose stones on white background so that we could somewhat evaluate color and appearance of yellow tint, or lack of yellow, more accurately without concealing it by using a black background. It changes color under extreme heat and then cools down to the same/original color again without any damage to the crystal whatsoever. So far, using a silicon carbide stone to scratch test a suspected find has been the easiest and lowest cost field test method. In 2015, Charles & Colvard had a breakthrough. For custom engagement ring requests, please forward to me at info@gerrythejeweler.com. Last time I checked ‘Warmer in Color’ isn’t on the color grading chart. I love a few of the settings I have seen in a few online retailers. Any individual with real experience in the diamond business can spot a moissanite with very little effort, including to the unaided eye in many instances. While applying a downward pressure on the item, ‘roll’ the diamond scriber between your index finger, forefinger and thumb using the knurling on the scriber. Extremely informative and I loved the video evidence you provided! Def Color Vvs Charles Colvard Forever One Radiant Cut Synthetic White Moissanite Stones Colorless , Find Complete Details about Def Color Vvs Charles Colvard Forever One Radiant Cut Synthetic White Moissanite Stones Colorless,Synthetic Moissanite,White Moissanite Diamond,Moissanite Stones from Loose Gemstone Supplier or Manufacturer-Shenzhen Staryee Jewelry Ltd. Moissanite appeals because of this and the price point. Alternatively, you can drag the diamond scriber across the surface of the test item, with light pressure, and you will see a scratch form on the surface. PS I wear diamonds, synthetics and sapphires and have never scratched or chipped any of them. Thanks again! Now that the monopoly style patent has expired, many producers are starting to reverse engineer the process and already entering the marketplace with competing products. How come it isn’t documented anywhere? My guess, from experience and un-confirmed hunch… It’s likely just classic moissanite which not too many places sell anymore due to it’s inferior color grade. This answer is given in tip-toeing around the fact that the stones are more yellow. Moissanite engagement rings production and requests will definitely be much easier to fill in the coming year, whereas in the past year it was difficult because of little supply and excess demand. It truly is just a question of budget though, moissanite will wear very well, won’t get scratched like ‘Diamond Nexus’ (even the company name is deceiving imo). So, it’s a viable option for those not wanting to purchase a diamond for budgetary or other reasons. What are your thoughts on the Supernova stones, quality and color in comparison to the Forever One ? You provide so much excellent, clear information – none of the “suggestive/implied/quasi-true” language used on most of the other sites. Just because these gems are rated amongst the hardest surfaces known to man, this does not mean that they are the toughest structurally. I’m a firm believer that competition is a great thing. Sounds like you’ve got your heart set on an oval. Thank you so much for such a detailed and knowledgeable breakdown of available moissanite information. Forever One Moissanite vs Diamond. I figure natural instinct to avoid the pain of broken fingers ensures I never hit my rings hard enough to do any damage :). Natural moissanite is definitely more rare than diamond. This page will be continually expanding in order to include the latest information on moissanite in comparison to diamond. What was exclusively produced and distributed under patent protection originally, is now available via other laboratories and manufacturers. Thank you so much for this article. Both moissanite and diamond can be colorless or near-colorless. I think I read on your blog that settings with smaller stones, they would be the original Moissanite, which I believe has a yellowish or greenish color to them. I’m curious if you can offer your opinion on an oval F1 versus a round Hearts and Arrows (C&C). Was looking at the 1.2CT and $549 vs $789!!! My advice before buying, see if you can go into a local dealer to physically see one. They engage in what I dubbed ‘Marketing by Deception’. How much does this actually compare to a diamond’s refraction in plain light? By: Krish Himmatramka. So, to make sure you don’t get stuck with a yellow-green classic moissanite or only a near-colorless stone, demand Forever One! Lowered sparkle and brilliance, to my understanding, is but a result of a lower refractive index (RI). GIA Grad + Founder and Front Man of F&B Michael verbally and visually shows us the differences and similarities between Charles & Colvard's Forever One Colorless Moissanite … The truth is that most people who work in the industry have a great difficulty spotting moissanite. Gema&Co Moissanite Rings Gema&Co jewelry use only the most brilliant colorless Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite stones and our own premier lab created Moissanites (offered upon request). But that is a topic for another discussion . Cushion Forever One Moissanite $ 269.00 – $ 3,529.00. It would be safe to say that they likely handle the moissanite selection process of their business the same way. It just isn’t a desirable look to me, nor would I have offered it to my own clients as an option. What about Harro? Buy yourself a 10x Triplet jeweler’s loupe and a diamond scriber. To determine a diamond’s value one needs to apply the 4Cs of color, clarity, cut and carat weight. If there’s anything else I can do to assist you – Feel free to reach out anytime. Moissanite is 10% lighter than diamonds. Cheers. Best of luck, and let me know if there’s anything else. This method does pose greater risk of damaging/chipping your diamond scriber long term. Yep! Keep that in mind as you shop around, many people sell ‘moissanite’ but in sub-par qualities as I discussed previously. The gemsociety.org website gives this example on hardness & toughness: Did you know the particles of dust you see floating in the air and settling on tables are mostly silicon quartz? All the info online truly causes ‘Analysis Paralysis’. I haven’t done a comparison on them yet. Will a Forever One moissanite that large likely have the same result and will it look similar to a diamond? I’ve never owned a moissanite tester, and never been duped like many jewelers have, by testing with the method described above. I call ‘Fake Jewelers’ those who are jewelers that simply sell jewelry for a living. If you have any other questions – Feel free to reach out anytime. While Forever One moissanite (Colorless D-F) retains the same properties as Forever Brilliant and Forever Classic moissanite, it is now available as a colorless gemstone with a grading of D-F (Colorless) on the Gemological Institute of America's color scale. Because of this, it is measured in millimeters rather than in carats, which is a unit of weight. I’ve worked moissanite under the torch at the jewelry bench. Hi Gerry What a great article! Luster Adamantine Stability Fracture Conchoidal Cleavage None Comments Gerry: The one important bit of information that is missing… Gerry: Is it the 4h polytype crystal, which is used in finer quality moissanite like Forever One, or the 6h type which is used for the lower end moissanite like Forever Classic and Forever Brilliant? I am wondering if some jewelers will pass off FO-NC as FO-C. Not sure if the C&C authenticity/warranty has the NC vs C indicated on it. So the stone will be close together and I don’t want the main stone to look different and stick out as a fake or really different than the diamonds. It is important to understand this very important distinction. Thank you for the article. First called Forever Brilliant (and now called Forever One Near Colorless), these beautiful gems have the color of an H color diamond. With a greater RI and great Fire and Dispersion – Moissanite wins this round. My stance on ‘investment value’ in any type of jewelry is this. In fact, the ceramic version of synthetic moissanite, called synthetic silicon carbide, is so hard and tough that it is used for body armor and mirrors in orbiting space telescopes! Authenticated with a 14k stamp. My question is, if there are lots of other stones in the setting, and I chose a forever one center stone, would it look “off” or be noticeable to the naked eye? That is not a desirable look. I have seen reviews from others that the NEO emeralds flash more white sparkle than the Forever One; it has less of the colorful fire than Forever One. If so, how would I order one? A triumph of art, science, and sustained effort, Forever One™ is an unprecedented achievement – an unfailingly pure, white colorless gem in the premium D-E-F range, with the extreme hardness and robustness inherent in all Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite . The packaging was the only thing that impressed me lol. Thanks! If you truly want to compare crown height accurately before purchasing… Then I suggest that you go for stones which are accompanied by a Gem Grading certificate which shows you crown angles/height and all other gemological grading information. More times than not, you are 100% covered against loss or theft. I don’t want any diamonds at all. Feel free to ask for me personally (my name is Krish)! We’re introducing a line of princess cuts that will be exclusive E-F Color moissanite in order to alleviate this nonsense that is going on in the business right now. Hands down the most comprehensive comparison of moissanite and diamond. Charles & Colvard introduced Forever One, the first colorless moissanite created gemstone, in September of 2015. I’m interested in a 9x7mm emerald cut Forever One. Is there a difference in quality of Forever One stones? I’ve seen this investment idea and lie perpetuated throughout the industry my entire life. For example, if you’re looking at 5 Carat stones, an H Color would look as unbelievable as an F Color for many people, the H would still look ‘too good to be true’. Sorry if these questions have been asked. Does nobody do that? CHALLENGE: I challenge internet prowlers and shoppers to find me a video showing this ‘disco ball’ effect – with all of the high tech cameras out there today, this video should exist right? As a matter of fact, ask me to sell you a Classic moissanite…. Thank you both for your view points. All the while completely boycotting the idea of ‘conflict gems’ ? My custom engagement ring is a 6.5mm moissanite in a tension setting. Moissanite weighs approximately 10% less than a diamond of the same diameter. This means that authentic lab created diamonds are the same hardness as mined diamonds, which is 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. In all other shapes, Forever One is still the clear leader at this time. Still pricey rings but 10% of what it would be if center stone and sides were diamonds! And you are right, ordering something under a false assumption just disappoints a customer – just advertise what you have and work to improve it and everyone is happy. Is this really made by Charles and Colvard? This allows you to see the 2 variations of the ring side by side and will give you a much better feel for proportions/dimensions of the 2 rings on your hand for comparison. I’ve lost the center stone in my engagement ring, the insurance won’t cover the loss which makes me sad, and I’m looking for a replacement atm. Your email address will not be published. I’ve seen their product a few years ago when a client came by the shop with one. Thank you for creating this. Though I’ve not seen this particular cut from Harro Gem (yet), I’ve just examined their Hearts & Arrows cut as well as a Marquise Cut, I’m very disappointed with the products. Do you know any thing about Moissanite Fire that is exclusive to Jewelry Television? I’m sure I’ll love the F1 but what I’m curious to see what you think about size. At night under artificial light, it looks the same color as my H-I diamond. Depending on where you purchased the item, you may be offered anywhere from $2,000 – $5,000 if you’re lucky. Having said that, I’ve had the opportunity to order in a couple of Harro Gem products for review. I am considering getting a moissy ring due to budget and moral reasons. Sounds like you found what you’re looking for information wise. Yep! Which one is your opinion looks closer to a actual diamond? All moissanite found in jewelry is synthesized and grown in a laboratory setting. If it is the latter, can you recommend anyone? The image below is a picture of silicon carbide discs that I use to cut gold and platinum at the jewelers bench. Hi Gerry! Having said that, I would recommend inquiring about certified moissanite. Cushion Forever One Moissanite is the first completely colorless round moissanite stone produced by Charles and Colvard. #1. Hope this helps you a little, thanks for taking the time to join the discussion. Rep: I can send you some information about it, but we do not grade the gems. The moissanite is graded at Forever One quality by Charles and Colvard and measures 6.5 mm which equals 1 carat diamond equivalent weight (DEW). When choosing between a lab diamond engagement ring and one made with moissanite, here are some things to consider. Therefore, moissanite, as we know it today, is almost exclusively lab-grown. If I should ever have a gem question in the future, I hope you might be available. Send it back for a refund – Easy peasy lemon breezie! * Compare Gem Grading Certificates to find the stone with the crown height that appeals to you. NEO moissanite has started to produce better color grades in order to compete with Forever One. Gerry: Hello Rep, Hi Rep: How can I assist you today? Have you experimented with these at all? I really like the emerald cut but I see they don’t make it in the preferred f1 you say is better than the other material. That is the question. Moissanite vs Lab Diamond Ring—Which Should You Pick? Stay tuned for that , Wow, informative article. If you’re looking for the best that I’ve personally found thus far, Forever One is it – Period. And then they went even further! The color is throughout the entirety of the crystal, and with the lifetime warranty from C&C you can shop in confidence. Thanks. Do you want a stone that you can claim has more facets? This is preying on and marketing to an uninformed clientele… Not my readers . If you’re looking for the best prices on Forever One Loose Stones in the D-E-F color and G-H color, don’t forget to check out our lowest prices on Loose Moissanite. This ring is absolutely stunning and we are confident you will love it. Diamond shank micro pave set three quarter of the way on 2.5mm band set on your choice of 14K white, yellow or rose gold. This whole article is VERY HELPFUL! I have never been impressed by the hype surrounding diamonds per se but like most, am attracted to the fire. Some people loved that classic moissanite appearance and I’m sure many people still do. Just my opinion. When asked specifically for the color grade, vendors and SuperNova staff always skirt their answer with the above statement. If there’s a comparison that you would like to see, let me know and I’ll do my very best to include it. The Emerald Cut Forever One Moissanite is a completely different look than the Cushion Cut Forever One Moissanite. I guess that means Forever One for common cuts and Supernova for a few others – but no Old European or Jubilee and such. Side note, decent diamonds should have little to no fluorescence. If you’re not happy with the matchup, return the moissanite – Easy peasy lemon breezie! ‘Likely H Colour‘ – That’s not a color grade. Why not do the demonstration with an actual moissanite? What is your experience between the two brands in this cut? In the case of moissanite, it is 100% created in a lab. I do ship to Australia! Until I’m shown otherwise, this is my current conclusion on this comparison. In ceramic form the material is known as the abrasive carborundum. Lowered sparkle and brilliance is but a result of a lower refractive index (RI). Thank you! Thanks so much for all of your research and for explaining all the differences so thoroughly! I don’t believe this would be the case, but can I return it if I don’t like it? You may know that diamond, with a hardness of 10, is the hardest material in the gem world. Sounds like you’re having a blast scratching and burning stuff . In 2015, Charles & Colvard had a breakthrough. What you are describing ‘… users saying that they’ve scratched their diamonds because they’re not as hard…’ – These stories are from people who have been misled by deceptive vendors who are not selling true lab-grown diamonds, but rather selling cubic zirconia under a different name. Gerry: Thank you for your honesty, can someone there answer what color grade Moissanite Fire is? Zero complaints from my clientele on them. That means a moissanite will sparkle more in between cleanings. Could it pass as a diamond? Gerry, I’m looking to purchase a loose Supernova pear shaped moissanite, about 1.5-2 ct. I’m getting a bit of the internet search overload. The lower color version of the Old European Cut, or OEC, will be a very nice option for you. Take your jeweler’s loupe and examine the area. It wasn’t until 11 years after the discovery, in 1904, that the crystals were properly identified as moissanite. I’ve had a client recently request a taller crown height because he wanted the table elevated up and away from the bezel setting. I don’t have any specific questions, as I came across your website when I was curious about the Diamond vs Moissanite debate. I asked for a color grade didn’t I? From simple elegance to luxurious settings, our Forever Moissanite Engagement and Bridal collections are curated with an eye for true artistry and truly shine. Thanks for the kind words Victoria, glad you enjoyed the content. If you find a video showing that, that would be awesome! The names are a little confusing, I agree. I know it may be hard to say since they are so new, but I would hate to make that investment and then regret it in 10 or 20 years. People will definitely benefit from seeing the Forever One and Hearts and Arrows side by side. Classic Moissanite (left) vs Near Colorless Moissanite (center) vs Forever One Colorless Moissanite (right). Moissanite is not a diamond nor should the two be confused. Your email address will not be published. However, I’ve not personally seen that first hand on their moissanite business yet. Comments The natural equivalent of moissanite is rare and found as inclusions in other materials. Likely H colour. Harro Gem said that they could custom cut one for us, so I ordered it with the agreement that we could return it for a refund if not satisfied. Both gems are touted as colorless when compared to the GIA Color Grading chart. I’m pretty convinced that I won’t be dis-satisfied with the forever one brand of moissanite, but I’d hate to order the stone and then not be happy with it. Also, while a diamond’s price varies based on cut, clarity, and other individual characteristics, moissanite varies only with type and size. Throw it next to some diamonds even. Moissanite reflects light very well and is actually more brilliant than a diamond! I want to suggest to him the Forever One Moissanite. I can confirm it looks amazing. In my opinion, Amora Gem is a decent looking stone but still doesn’t compare to moissanite – You will see in the video however, that Amora Gem and Forever One Moissanite side by side will show that Forever One has a slight advantage in terms of color grade in my opinion. Not in line with my values (or income!). Both stones have their own unique characteristics. Me: Would be nice if there was someone who could actually color grade these against a master set of stones. Can my side stones be moissanite? Also I’ve heard the moissanites flash rainbow colours and in a sizeable stone it’s obvious it’s a different gem, is this true? It is the original creator of Moissanite gems, and has more experience with creating and faceting Moissanite gems than any company on earth. I didn’t actively promote moissanite as a diamond alternative until the recent improvements in it’s appearance. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful on this one. Definitely a re-branding of the FB left overs. Lab Grown Diamonds are 100% Conflict Free diamonds! Second in hardness only to diamond, it is extremely resistant to scratching, abrasion, breaking and chipping. Now that I know what they are I will be on the lookout. If you hit a piece of jade with a hammer, it’ll ring like a bell!”. Now Neo has come out with their “brilliant” line which they say is colorless and cut to highlight Moissanite instead of looking more like a diamond. If I can scratch Asha with a diamond scriber (small diamond tip and the end of pencil shaped/sized metal stick) – Then it’s clearly not a diamond – That’s the truth. Also, I advise all clients to steer clear of companies who ‘Market by Deception’. Thanks! Rep: Yes, that is correct. On the actual sales side, I get many more requests for the cushion than the emerald. Forever One and Amora are different brands of moissanite. The artisans and jewelers we work with have decades of experience with fine gems. Colored stones, like sapphires (which also come in white! The ‘disco ball effect’ is like a mythical creature lol. Period. All I want is a jaw dropping Moissanite engagement ring Thanks in advance for your response. “Hey Gerry, what do you think of moissanite diamonds?”, “Hey Gerry, can you get moissanite diamonds?”.