So are the parcels you mail through DHL mail also being delayed? You can send convenient money transfers to loved ones around the world from any Canada Post location. Using Etsy shipping labels. Though the brokering that Canada Post does is not as in depth as what the brokers for courier companies do. So I don't need to fill out and attach a separate customs form from the post office??? There’s been some buzz about Etsy dropshipping lately. I'll find more information about third party insurance. For your information when conversing with Canadian customers: words like priority and express mean different things in each country depending on the services of that postal system. Your post is extremely helpful Love shoppingon line. Tracking isn't cheap here, CP makes us pay for it, for the work involved, for maintaining the tracking info... therefore they won't scan and track some parcels coming from other countries, unless these are sent by more expensive services, and therefore CP is properly paid. Use "costume jewelry" or "fashion accessory" as the description for jewelry. Why would a seller NOT offer shipping to Canada? The cost of a shipping label will Thanks in advance for any replies. The seller was very nice and had refunded at 40 days, and so my mother repaid when it finally showed up. How Does Etsy Calculate International Shipping? A free shipping guarantee lets shoppers in the US know that they won’t pay added shipping costs on orders totaling $35 or over that ship within or to the US. oh wow. Your post of the Different timeframes for parcels was .Explained extremelywell. However, you can avoid this fee by pricing your items to include the cost of shipping and then selling them with no added shipping in your store (advertised as “free shipping”). Wednesday’s announcement follows: Updates to international shipping on EtsyWe’re always working with our partners to make shipping more […] it doesnt seem to matter wether its on a plane or a boat it just takes forever. I tell my Canadian buyers that shipping takes 2-4 weeks on average. Though I know that won't help you with the tracking issue, proving to Paypal that a parcel was delivered. How you set prices for your shop is up to you. AliExpress standard now uses a logistics company called UBI for Canada, and UBI and Canada Post have formed a partnership. Signature usually means extra work for the buyer, since they're rarely home when the postal person comes by to deliver. A few times shipments have turned up at 100-105 days, and we repaid the sellers who had refunded us. Are they getting the signature from the customer? when it's delivered. Therefore these little packages are low priority for them, boxes of parcels can sit for months waiting for Canada Post to "officially" take possession from Canada Customs and do customs clearance, then do the job of delivering. Etsy has negotiated rates with the post office that are lower than regular rates so shipping on Etsy can save you money! Always chose AliExpress Standard or Epacket.....nothing else.... and you will get your items within 2-3 weeks. Sorry that I can't be more help than that. There are options available that will allow you to ship items ordered from e-commerce stores like Etsy to your house or office address in Canada. You can have it electronically signed if you check the box that says you want that done, I can't remember where that option is, though. You can use FedEx, UPS, and Canada Post to get discounted rates, along with USPS. Item will be sent by Canada Post when it arrive to Canada. this is very helpful. Canada Post gets overloaded with low priority mail incoming from Asia, and it ends up sitting in Vancouver for a very long time before it gets delivered. In 2016 my mother ordered a scarf from Thailand, it took 4 months to arrive, though I believe part of the delay was the high parcel volumes from Christmas. I ordered another package on Ali 2 1/2 weeks ago, and tracking shows that it got to Ottawa (where I live) last night, and will be delivered on Monday. It will be a parcel, and I'm just looking at the Etsy shipping calculator for Canada, around $16.39 to ship anywhere in Canada. Keep a few points in mind: Items shipped to some countries, such as Canada … One part of Etsy shipping that I don't use is Etsy Shipping Profiles. My name is Nada and I'm Etsy's Canadian Community Manager. I sent by registered airmail (with tracking number) via Thailandpost and DHL global mail. The very least my actual cost is about 10.00 and that is for a small 3 oz package. Before I picked it up, this is what the tracking info. Actually if you read my post below, Canada Post does not treat all international mail the same. The seller did not tell me that there was a tracking number, until I asked where my parcel was. The trick to get around this is to use epacket. It arrived yesterday, exactly 2 weeks after it was shipped from China, and I had full tracking right to my door. This conversation started at the perfect time! Then I look at shipping to the USA and it's only $6.84, and then around $10.27 for anywhere else in the world. @headsets2003 Hello, I wrote that post a year ago before the pandemic. So expect EVEN LONGER shipping times, and delays with Canada Customs/Canada Post if you are shipping with a postal service. Etsy shipping labels and calculated rates based on location is available only to sellers in the US and Canada. I sent via DHL global mail (not express) and Thailand post that package will be sent by Canada post when it arrive to Canada. If I send via DHL express (quite expensive), it's no problem. Tweet; Pin It; Photo by flattirevintage. This can make international shipping on Etsy pricier. When US tracking seems to stop at the border, try tracking on Canada Post using the same customs number. I ordered a $200 item on Ali 3 weeks ago on Ali, and the seller shipped it a week later using Ali standard. Though just with my own experience with a recent parcel from the UK, the tracking number worked somewhat on their end  but Canada Post website said the tracking number was valid, but not supported by CP tracking system. That doesn't make sense, because DHL is the company that carries, clears, and delivers their own parcels to my knowledge. This isn't unusual, USPS runs into the same issue with their tracked parcels that ship internationally, many countries will not continue the tracking, once they take possession. Etsy Shipping Costs Are Cheaper Than The Post Office. You can use the optional smart pricing tool to you adjust item prices to recover shipping costs if you decide to offer free shipping. - only ship to Canada with DHL or EMS, set as your shipping price. By Nada Alic 19 Oct, 2012. I was hoping that would be the case for your parcels as well. Etsy alerted sellers to a change it made to help sellers who ship internationally. is unreadable), or temporarily misplaced. First, however, you need to get a feel for the ins and outs of shipping internationally. Check out our shipping to us selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Once Paypal extended the guaranteed to 180 days, that made us more patient, because we were screwed over a few times back when it was only 90. Also, if any Sellers out there that ship to Canada from the US would like to give me any suggestions or ideas especially what I should be adding to my Shipping policies...I would really appreciate it. Then you have to go to your nearest post office to sign and pick it up. - T. It is an agreement between the US Postal Service (USPS) and Hong Kong Post. I'm starting out with Canada. Dropshippers have been looking to promote trending products and find new products from different marketplaces, which makes dropshipping on Etsy – as well as sourcing products from Etsy – seem attractive. That correct when you print them out from Etsy labels the custom info and form is already on there. Changing Shipping Profiles In Etsy. Inexpensive little parcels coming from Asia are a very low priority for them, and the volume of these parcels is high. 3. canada post can be very frustrating to deal with on a good day but eventually the items do show up. Looking at the value of the items in your shop, your Canadian customers probably did have to pay these fees, as our tax free import limit is very low, $20 CAD. So, I cannot track that package is arrive to Canada or not. Canadian Shipping: Demystified. I've also heard that EMS postal service will be more of a priority with Canada Post, and will get through Customs quicker. For example, I sent a package the other day to Michigan that was 16″X12″X8″ inches and 2lbs, 10oz). I think the vast majority to turn up, but it is possible for shipments to get lost, stolen, damaged (so undeliverable if the address info. I have severals order to sent to Canada and most of them delayed (more than 30 business days) until my customers open case for not receiving item. So places when you print international labels it comes as 4 sheets, 1 is your copy 3 goes on the package there labeled. - only ship to Canada with DHL or EMS, set as your shipping price. I order from AliExpress weekly, and always chose epacket from China and consistently receive my items within 2-3 weeks with full tracking. The NAFTA agreement, I'm told, keeps them from paying duty from the US. Thanks for shipping to Canada, we Canadians love to cross-border shop!! Sending money internationally? I was browsing around other discussions and questions here in the forums. Your Shop > Orders. I always ship priority with tracking and a signature required at delivery. You can insure when filling out the label on Etsy if you'd like. Although you can certainly limit your Etsy business to domestic buyers, part of the fun of selling on Etsy is connecting with international customers. They do not have enough staff to clear and sort these parcels quickly, and they don't seem interested in fixing this issue, as it's been going on for a few years. Xpresspost ("express") is the next fastest service, it's still pretty pricey for International mail. timeframe. In many cases Canada Post is paid so little, they lose money when you take labour into account. in Canada, even though the Canada Post website did not. Somewhere in your settings I can't remember where I found it. Leave that setting as is to use Etsy’s Calculated Shipping feature. Access our tools on the go! Im not sure what they are doing different but its working. Packing and posting multiple orders can be time-consuming, and tracking those orders is a tall order for any seller. Learn more on Etsy’s Help Center. If the seller uses Priority it is much higher. I'm from Canada and usually Canada Post has been good with scanning incoming parcels from outside of Canada. We have been getting more views from Canada and hate to leaving out our neighbors :). I think it's wrong to ask a seller to "fudge" the truth and risk imprisonment for a buyer to not pay what is required by the law of their own government. Some parcels slip through and aren't charged, you never know if you'll be lucky, and should expect to pay at least sales tax (pst/gst/hst depending on the buyer's province), a $10 paperwork fee, and sometimes customs duties. Enroll with a Shipping Forwarder. FREE Etsy Ads Cheat Sheet: Etsy Shipping Tips and Tricks! thailand to canada can take up to 60 days though. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Learned that PayPal covers 180 days for  a delivery. Because Airmail small package are often deliver along with the letters. 4. They’ve left a note about how to make further arrangements." I think I will have to inform my Canadian customers about these issues before I ship and ask them to convo me when their item has arrived. The US and Canada have a trade agreement, my buyers never get charged duty. Our Etsy Shipping Tool makes it quick and convenient for you to book the delivery service you need, ensuring you can keep all your customers happy. Perhaps you should use the signature require option? It used to take 20-30 days, then starting taking 40-60 days, sometimes longer. 2014 is the start of a new year for me and I want to venture out into international shipping. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. In order to ship any item internationally from the Etsy United States, you’re going to need a United States physical address. It wasn't actually "delivered", I picked it up at the post office, but I guess it's all the same to them. A big part of the time is the parcel sitting in a "dead zone" between Canada Customs and Canada Post, waiting for Canada Post to first clear it, and then enter the mail system. Note: This article is intended for sellers who set their own shipping rates.If you're in the US or Canada and want your shipping costs calculated for you, check out this Help article on calculated shipping.. As a seller on Etsy, you determine both your shipping rates and destinations on each of your listings. I haven't ordered from Thailand, but I do order chains from China, sometimes several small samples, and we noticed when packages started taking longer and longer a few years ago. Lots to remember and figure out. Both Thailandpost and DHL global mail said that Canada Post ignore to scan the packages that arrive to Canada. There was a problem fetching the translation. Another option is to buy third party insurance on the package if you want to continue to use Airmail but want to ensure you are covered in case the package is lost. Could it be because it is airmail that Canada Post is not scanning it? I'd love to hear other seller's experiences for shipping from US to Canada. I ship to Canada from the US all the time. It is an agreement between the US Postal Service (USPS) and Hong Kong Post. As for couriers like DHL, you'd have to contact them to find out if there have been changes to their services. This isn't unusual, USPS runs into the same issue with their tracked parcels that ship internationally, many countries will not continue the tracking, once they take possession. 11-01-2019 09:12 PM. Select your carrier (FedEx or USPS in the US and Canada Post in Canada). It becomes xpresspost once it reaches Vancouver, so it is high priority. With shipping profiles you can set up your shipping settings and … Etsy offers calculated rates for certain areas. Find your paid order. They are great if you sell something that is always the same size like small jewelry pieces or even big heavy signs. I've never been charged duty on a parcel that came through the mail, but I mostly order from the USA. The postal person usually leaves a card (didn't in my case, which is unusual), when they attempt delivery, letting you know that there's a parcel waiting, and also if there's any sales tax, customs and brokerage/paperwork fees owed (there wasn't anything charged on my shipment). Canada Post just ignores to scan the packages. If you happen to be a seller in the US shipping internationally on Etsy, you might be lucky enough to have this option. So in order of cost and speed our International shipping services are: Small Packet Surface*